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Since cannabis is pretty much every where now would it be fair to consider it the same as alcohol in child welfare cases?

This is specifically aimed at parents of young children who smoke cannabis. For years many of us hid in silence in fear of losing our jobs or worse a visit from social services checking up on your kids. We all seek comfort from something, when I compare the two clearly to me anyway cannabis is far better.

It is known that alcohol is truly far more destructive than most substances in the world. Saying they are the same isn’t fair but considering how it’s in the context of societal norms sure I’ll take it as a win for all parents who just need some weed.

The article talks about our Governor Gavin Newsom passing a bill this past Tuesday mandating that all social services workers are to treat cannabis the same as alcohol in cases where children are involved.

Source #1: Marijuana Moment

Cannabis News Now

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We have safe drug use sites and on this one Gavin Newsom vetoed it citing concerns over more wide spread use of illegal substances. Right now the state of California has been seeing a spike in overdose cases and this Bill was designed to help those who want to use street drugs to do it in a safe place where overdosing would be a thing of the past.

These sites have medical staff on hand in case anything goes wrong, on an NPR episode a guest of theirs who shared their experiences with these safe spaces said “I use Fentanyl, I’ve overdosed multiple times and was revived every time. Perhaps this is the concern that was expressed by the Governor, with no more consequence people would certainly abuse that luxury too.

What is the correct decision is up for debate you decide for yourself and vote.

Source #2: NPR 

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time, every week I discuss topics I care about hopefully you find them of value as well. All the info, news and details are pulled from various sources and linked here for you to do your own research. When we are equipped with the correct info we can make better informed decisions.

Safe drug spaces may sound like a great idea but think about the long term consequences. Enabling addicts to be more irresponsible and more reckless in their drug abuse can only lead to worse outcomes. You may be wondering how can providing safer places be enabling more reckless behavior.

Think about it this way, if your using a drug that can kill you but you know of a place that can revive you if you did overdose, would you not push the limits for more. Someone who already uses a dangerous substance may want to attempt to reach the high they once had when they first started using in the very beginning, this is called “chasing the dragon”.

So my thought process is this, if they are already using giving them this safe place would only lead to the abuse of the system that was designed to help individuals who use it.

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