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3 Things To Know About The Kratom Overdose

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The Kratom Overdose Case

The Overdose Case

It’s been nearly a year since the young man from Perish, LA was found dead in his home. The news articles that covered the story mentioned several things, one that there was only kratom found in his system, the second was that nothing else was found. Atleast at the time that’s how it was reported. The young man’s parents have filed a lawsuit against OPMS for the wrongful death of their son.

A month ago I covered the story as well, since then little has changed. I spoke with an employee at OPMS briefly and was told no information is being shared with anyone below executive management. As the internal investigation continues we may soon find out what OPMS has to say about it. 

Kratom Overdose And Death News Information

The Internet’s Opinion

I have been following along the comments section of my upload from a month ago. I’ve noticed many people are engaging in the topic, users and non-users which is great. I have dropped some comments as well, most notably the one mentioning “People should keep an open mind and listen to both sides respectfully, if all one side cares about is being right then both sides lost.” That was in another video The Mis-Information On Kratom

Thanks to everyone who commented respectfully, it’s important to listen to each other. So it breaks down like this, some feel it to be absolutely safe, others in the comments felt extracts should be banned for being either too strong or that they may be contaminated. Then you’ve got others who say it isn’t safe, that there downsides and overdose is certainly possible.

More info on kratom over-dose cases

Definitely a mixed bag but here some things to consider before making any conclusions on any of these opinions. 

  • All products are 3rd party lab tested (it’s a requirement)
  • The plant is safe when used responsibly
  • When abused it can have downsides
  • Overdose still not enough data on it.
  • Alkaloid Toxicity from abuse does have negative impacts

Thanks for the ears, eyes and your time. Regardless of the many varying opinions we have to look at the facts and only the facts. As we wait for further information to surface we can continue to show support for the family as they unfortunately lost their son. It’s critical to take the situation seriously and be responsible with anything that you use.

There many things that are safe to use moderately but become an issue quickly if abused, it’s ok to seek comfort in something you enjoy that is not a bad thing. We can’t feel good forever but the same would be said the other way too, we can’t feel bad forever either. 

The recent OPMS kratom lawsuit and the broader issue of kratom overdose cases involve several complex aspects. Here’s a detailed overview:

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OPMS Kratom Lawsuit

  • Background: The lawsuit was filed by the parents of a 23-year-old man, Ethan Pope, who died after ingesting kratom extract. The product in question was OPMS extract, purchased from two stores in Georgia.
  • Allegations: The lawsuit alleges that Ethan Pope died due to “mitragynine intoxication” (kratom). His system contained hydroxyzine (an antihistamine), citalopram (an antidepressant), and mitragynine. The complaint suggests that a toxic interaction between kratom

and prescription drugs, rather than mitragynine alone, might have contributed to his death. It also alleges that the kratom industry, including the American Kratom Association (AKA), failed to adequately warn customers about potential interactions and risks associated with kratom use​​.

  • Labeling Issues: The lawsuit contends that OPMS violated Georgia’s Kratom Consumer Protection Act by not complying with labeling standards. The complaint argues that the product labeling did not adequately warn about the risks of combining kratom with other substances, including medications​​.
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Kratom Over-dose Cases

  • Increasing Concerns: There is growing evidence and concern over kratom’s addictive potential and the risk of overdose, especially at high doses. Kratom overdose cases have been reported in various states, with symptoms like nausea, tachycardia (fast heart rate), hypertension, agitation, seizures, drowsiness, and coma​​.
  • Fatalities Reported: The presence of kratom has been noted in several overdose deaths. For instance, in Florida, more than 500 overdose deaths in the past decade involved kratom, with 46 of those involving no other dangerous substances​​.
  • Legal and Regulatory Landscape: Kratom remains in a regulatory limbo in the United States. While it is illegal in some states and localities, it is legal in others. The FDA has attempted to outlaw kratom but faced opposition from kratom advocates. As a result, kratom is sold largely unregulated in the U.S., posing challenges in ensuring consumer safety​​​​.
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The OPMS kratom lawsuit and the rising number of kratom overdose cases highlight the contentious and complex nature of kratom’s legal and health status in the U.S. While some advocate for its benefits, particularly as an alternative to opioids, the concerns regarding its safety, potential for abuse, and lack of regulation remain significant issues. The evolving legal and scientific landscape will likely continue to shape the debate around kratom’s use and regulation.


What was the main allegation in the OPMS kratom lawsuit?

The primary allegation in the OPMS kratom lawsuit was that the death of Ethan Pope was caused by mitragynine intoxication (kratom). The lawsuit contends that the kratom product, along with prescription drugs in his system, led to a toxic interaction that resulted in his death. It also alleges that kratom companies and the American Kratom Association (AKA) failed to provide adequate warnings about the risks of using kratom, especially in combination with other substances​.

What are the typical symptoms of a kratom overdose?

Symptoms of a kratom abuse can include nausea, tachycardia (fast heart rate), hypertension (high blood pressure), agitation or irritability, seizures, drowsiness, and in severe cases, coma. These symptoms vary depending on the amount of kratom consumed and individual susceptibility​.

Is kratom legal throughout the United States?

The legality of kratom varies across the United States. It is illegal in some states and certain cities or counties within legal states. As of now, states like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin have completely banned kratom. In other states, it’s legal with specific restrictions or entirely legal for adults. The legal status can change, so it’s important to stay updated on the laws in your specific area​.

What are the arguments for and against the regulation of kratom?

Proponents of kratom argue that it’s a safer alternative to opioids and can be used effectively for pain relief and opioid withdrawal symptoms. They advocate for regulated, safe use rather than a ban. Opponents, including some health officials and those affected by adverse events, argue that kratom can be addictive and dangerous, particularly when mixed with other substances or used in high doses. They call for stricter regulation or outright bans due to these safety concerns​.

Has the FDA taken any action regarding kratom?

The FDA has attempted to classify the key ingredients in kratom as Schedule 1 substances, which would effectively ban it, but faced significant pushback from kratom advocates. As a result, the FDA has not implemented a nationwide ban but has left kratom in a legal grey area. This situation has led to a lack of federal standards and inconsistent regulatory enforcement, creating challenges in ensuring consumer safety​.

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