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Border Crisis Patrol Officer Carrell Talks


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Border Crisis The Facts From The Ground Up

This was a great conversation I had with now retired Border Patrol Officer JJ Carrell. His perspective on the border, it’s security and how policy is structured from above is incredibly unique. It’s unfortunately rare to have a professional from this field tell the absolute truth about what’s going on.

If you listen to the episode or decide to watch it you’ll be blown away at the stats, the implications and all the other issues that stem from just the border alone. I, myself as an immigrant understand why so many wish to come here, but with such a huge rush of people the system is bursting at the seams and that’s just the beginning.

The purpose of a channel like mine covering a story like this is to show the broader issues associated with the health crisis this would have in our country as a result, it’s also to show that narcotics primarily fentanyl that is killing in mass has it’s main point of entry at the border.


The ongoing border crisis has become a pressing issue in recent times, demanding our attention and understanding. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the border crisis, its causes, impacts, and potential solutions.

By delving into this complex topic, we can gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by border communities, the humanitarian aspects, security concerns, government responses, public opinion, international cooperation, and the need for long-term solutions.

Overview of the Current Crisis

In recent years, the United States has faced an influx of migrants seeking entry through its southern border. The situation has been exacerbated by a multitude of factors, including changes in immigration policies, economic disparities, and violence and instability in the migrants’ home countries.

Importance of Understanding the Issue

Understanding the border crisis is crucial as it affects multiple aspects of society. It directly impacts border communities, strains limited resources, raises social and cultural concerns, compromises public safety, and poses humanitarian challenges. By comprehending the issue, we can work towards effective solutions that address the root causes and alleviate its negative consequences.

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Causes of the Crisis

Immigration Policy Changes

Changes in immigration policies, such as shifts in enforcement priorities and the introduction of new regulations, can significantly influence migration patterns. Policy changes can create uncertainty and impact the number of migrants attempting to cross the border.

Economic Factors

Economic disparities between countries can motivate individuals to seek better opportunities and a higher standard of living. Economic factors, such as limited job prospects and poverty, can contribute to the decision to migrate.

Violence and Instability in Source Countries

Many migrants come from countries plagued by violence, political instability, and organized crime. Escaping dangerous environments and seeking safety for themselves and their families becomes a compelling motivation to undertake the risky journey to another country.

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Impact on Border Communities

Strain on Resources

The influx of migrants places immense pressure on resources in border communities. Local infrastructure, healthcare systems, educational institutions, and social services become overwhelmed, affecting both migrants and the resident population.

Social and Cultural Implications

The arrival of large numbers of migrants can bring cultural diversity to border communities, leading to both positive and challenging social dynamics. Cultural integration, language barriers, and the need for social support can create both opportunities and tensions.

Public Safety Concerns

Border communities may face increased public safety challenges due to the border crisis. Criminal elements can exploit the chaotic situation, and law enforcement agencies must navigate complex issues related to border security and crime prevention.

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Humanitarian Challenges

Migrant Treatment and Conditions

The treatment of migrants and their living conditions are critical humanitarian concerns. Providing humane and dignified treatment to individuals seeking refuge is essential, ensuring their well-being and upholding basic human rights.

Family Separations

One particularly distressing consequence of the border crisis is the separation of families. In some cases, parents and children are separated during the immigration process, leading to emotional trauma and significant challenges in reunification.

Health and Well-being

Migrants, often exposed to arduous journeys and harsh conditions, face health and well-being challenges. Access to medical care, mental health support, and adequate sanitation become pressing issues that require attention.

Border Crisis Explained

Security Concerns

Drug Trafficking

The border crisis has implications for drug trafficking. Criminal organizations exploit vulnerabilities in border security to smuggle drugs across the border, contributing to the ongoing drug epidemic.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is another security concern associated with the border crisis. Vulnerable migrants, including women and children, can fall victim to traffickers who exploit their desperate situation for labor or sexual exploitation.

National Security Implications

The border crisis also raises national security concerns. It becomes essential to ensure the integrity of the border to prevent potential threats, including the infiltration of individuals with malicious intentions or the exploitation of weak border controls.


In conclusion, the border crisis is a complex issue with far-reaching implications. Understanding its causes, impacts, and potential solutions is crucial for addressing the challenges faced by border communities, ensuring the well-being of migrants, and safeguarding national security.

By working towards comprehensive immigration reform, addressing root causes, and enhancing border security, we can strive for a more humane, secure, and sustainable approach to migration.


What is the issue, why can’t we let them in?

Top priority should be your community, it should always come first. Look around you, do you see people in need, if so then how can we forget about those who are literally the closest to us already to help those seeking asylum. It’s not a simple issue, but when a country puts it’s own citizen’s needs first it would be obvious instantly why open policies wreak havoc on everything across the board that make a nations communities, municipalities and agencies cohesive.

What is Title 42 about?

Title 42 was put into law when the pandemic showed up at our doorstep few years ago, it was to prevent any migrants from entering if there were clear signs of illness. This may sound harsh, but it protects you, your family and your children from diseases that may have been transmitted from individuals coming in. This was unfortunately not renewed as law and expired recently, again opening the door to all who wish to come, the sick, the needy, the poor, the violent and more.

How does border security help reduce trafficking?

It helps a great deal, when you have enough resources you can manage the many different creative ways that are used to bring in people, weapons, narcotics and fentanyl. As of now since the border remains open for entry the huge numbers of people coming in are overwhelming border patrol officers so no one’s around to police trafficking of anything.

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