Opioid Abuse And Withdrawal Symptoms 2

Opioid Abuse Avoid Symptoms With A.I. Drugs

Opioid Abuse And Withdrawals

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It’s been the talk of the town, artificial intelligence is being used in everything but in this case I want to highlight it’s use in medicine. The development of drugs is very expensive and time consuming. So using technology to help speed things up is great and positive for humanity specifically when we are talking about medicine. However the idea of using A.I for designing drugs isn’t new.

The Idea

Technology has always been critical in human history. We use it everyday to improve the quality of life every where so why not use one of the greatest creations known to man to aid in developing thoughtfully chosen potential substances that can be turned into viable medicines. Sounds good right, I agree if it can actually work, if it can drive prices down, if it can create less harmful combinations and maybe even cure disease, then it’s worth a shot.

The Data

Data collected by hospitals nationwide show an annual expenditure of $90 Billion on treating opioid abuse. The problem is quite serious especially when we look at the damage in areas where lives have been lost due to over dose or due to the deuteriation of family. In this study they have shown A.I. can be an effective technology for aggregating information needed to design drugs for any purpose.

This specific article is showing the result of one such program where the aim is to reduce or eliminate the suffering associated with opioid abuse. The method shown is discussing the potential of blocking the Kappa opioid receptor associated with the reward system of the brain.

The lead researcher goes on to say that withdrawals are very painful for many people and that blocking that pain can help reduce the desire for using opioids. She continues by saying that the abuse of opioids rewire the brain to desire more of that drug. 

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Opioid Abuse And Withdrawal Symptoms

Conclusion On Opioid Abuse And Withdrawals

I feel this is a bad idea overall, using another drug that manipulates a receptor to avoid the natural order of things can only lead to more abuse. Think about it, if there were no consequences for your choices would you begin making better ones. Probably not, so this is more like a band aid one that may work for a while but may also back fire horribly. What do you guys think, leave them down below.

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