Court Ruling On Delta 8 THC May 21st 2022

Delta 8 THC News: Court Ruling Announced

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Delta 8 THC News And Info


Welcome back everyone todays cannabis news now comes from Marijuana Moment a great publication for up to date cannabis news. Today a ruling was issued by the Court of Appeals 9th Circuit regarding Delta 8 as a legal compound recognized by the 2018 Farm Bill and Federally legal. The 3 Federal Judges appointed to make a decision on the future of Delta 8 and every ALT THC that comes thereafter could not overrule the original judgement put forth by the Farm Bill.

The decision was made to allow Congress to have a crack at it if need be. The term “loophole” was used to describe the growing ALT THC market as the nation gets flooded with all kinds of goodies imaginable.

Delta 8 THC News And Info Now

More Info On This Delta 8 THC News

It’s hard to know if this was a good or bad decision and how it’ll effect everything in this ALT THC world thats gaining steam. One thing is for sure Congress may take action what that’ll look like it’s anybody’s guess. I personally think it may go too far in regulating things and my honest desire is to just let cannabis and all derivatives be, as is, enough with the constant regulation and prohibition.

If Congress did nothing about this that would be the most favorable outcome, as cannabis continues to go mainstream it would seem pointless to target ALT THC products for a nationwide ban.

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What was the recent ruling by the Court of Appeals 9th Circuit regarding Delta 8?

The recent ruling by the Court of Appeals 9th Circuit recognized Delta 8 as a legal compound under the 2018 Farm Bill, making it federally legal.

Can the decision of the Court of Appeals be overruled?

No, the Court of Appeals’ decision cannot be overruled, but Congress has the option to take further action if needed.

What was the term used to describe the growing ALT THC market?

The term “loophole” was used to describe the growing alternative THC (ALT THC) market.

What might Congress do regarding the regulation of ALT THC products?

Congress may consider taking regulatory actions on ALT THC products, but the specific outcome is uncertain at this time.

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