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Pain Management How Medicine Should Work

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Key Take Away

  1. Holistic Approaches: Medicine recognizes the need for comprehensive management strategies beyond medication.
  2. Opioid Reassessment: There’s a critical ongoing evaluation of opioid use, focusing on minimizing risks and considering alternatives.
  3. Patient-Centered Care: Emphasizing patient involvement in management ensures treatments align with individual needs and preferences.
  4. Ethical Responsibility: Medicine has a moral obligation to provide effective pain management and advocate for equitable access to care.
  5. Technological Advancements: Technology plays a growing role in enhancing and personalizing management.

Pain Management And Modern Treatments


First up we have some of the vape related news recently the FDA was given serious authority and control over regulating all nicotine products. This new found authority gave them the ability to also reject over one million vape products creating deep uncertainty for the future of vaping in general. There is also the fact that the state of California has a initiative it wants to pass in November of this year banning all flavored vapes period.

Pain Management And Medicine

The News

The effort has been on going for a while now and we saw how each major city was effected by the ban as the effort moved it’s way across the state. It’s unfortunate for many of us who will be effected by the ban and far worse for those who go back to smoking.

The decision to ban all flavored vapes started from the idea that young teens were vaping because of the flavors and that if we remove flavors the use among young people would cease but it’s a flawed argument because no one is considering that maybe the nicotine also plays a roll in increased use as it provides a buzz for new users.

Next there was a study shown that specific flavors of vape products increases inflammation in the brain, heart and lungs. It was quite a read and I found it to be interesting that the mice being tested on were showing elevated levels of inflammation, the study experimented with different brands of vape products and different flavors as well. I was really impressed at the depth it went and want to learn more about the findings I’ll share more when I learn more about it.

Pain Management And Medicine

Modern Medicine And Treatment

Then we have of course a simple way to reduce stress and improve a sense of wellness you carry day to day, it’s being shown the forest bathing can do just this. I feel it’s been known for some time that we as a species have a unique connection with the planet and everything else on it, I felt more confident about the idea as I began my journey with psilocybin mushrooms.

The experience on mushrooms while in nature amplified the feelings of oneness and I took that feeling a step further to just make time to go out into nature.

As we all have heard the past months Purdue Pharma was fined a large sum of money by the Federal courts for their part in the manufacturing of the addictive painkiller Oxy there’s even a documentary on it that was released not too long after the verdict was made. There is a serious need for medicine to do right by people and society.

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Managing Symptoms

Western medicine has made significant strides in understanding and managing pain, a crucial aspect of healthcare that affects millions of people worldwide. Yet, the journey toward effective management and doing right by patients is ongoing and complex. How modern medicine approaches management and the ethical imperative to prioritize patient well-being is the critical next leap for society.

Firstly, modern treatment has broadened its approach to management. Historically focused on pharmaceutical interventions, there is now a growing recognition of the importance of holistic and multidisciplinary strategies. These include physical therapy, psychological support, lifestyle modifications, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture and massage. This shift acknowledges that pain is not just a physical sensation but an experience influenced by psychological, social, and environmental factors.

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The Crisis

The ongoing opioid crisis has catalyzed a reevaluation of pain medication prescribing practices. While opioids remain a vital tool for pain relief in certain conditions, their potential for addiction and abuse has led to more cautious prescribing, with an emphasis on finding the lowest effective dose and exploring non-opioid alternatives when possible.

Another critical aspect of modern pain treatment is patient-centered care. This approach prioritizes the patient’s individual experiences, needs, and preferences. In this model, patients are active participants in their pain plan, working collaboratively with healthcare providers to determine the most effective and appropriate treatments.

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Modern Medicine And Pain Management

Ethically, medicine has the responsibility to do right by patients, which means ensuring access to effective pain treatment. This includes advocating for policies that support research into new management therapies, ensuring equitable access to pain management resources, and fighting against the stigmatization of those living with chronic pain.

Finally, the role of technology is expanding. From telemedicine offering remote consultations to apps that help patients track and manage their pain, technology is making management more accessible and personalized.


What recent authority was granted to the FDA regarding nicotine products, and how does it impact the vaping industry?

The FDA was granted significant authority over regulating all nicotine products, including vape products. This newfound authority enables them to reject over one million vape products, leading to uncertainty about the future of vaping in general.

What is the current status of the initiative in California to ban flavored vapes?

The state of California has an initiative scheduled for a vote in November of this year to ban all flavored vapes. Efforts to implement such bans have already affected major cities across the state.

What did a recent study show regarding certain flavors of vape products?

A recent study revealed that specific flavors of vape products can lead to increased inflammation in the brain, heart, and lungs. The study experimented with different brands and flavors, and the findings highlighted potential health concerns.

How can forest bathing reduce stress and improve wellness?

Forest bathing, or spending time in nature, has been shown to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Being in natural surroundings can create a sense of oneness with the planet and positively impact mental well-being.

What was the recent development involving Purdue Pharma and the opioid crisis?

Purdue Pharma was fined a significant amount by the Federal courts for its role in manufacturing the addictive painkiller OxyContin. The opioid crisis has raised serious concerns about the pharmaceutical industry’s responsibility to prioritize public health and safety.

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