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Addiction Recovery 3 Things To Know

Addiction Treatment Fail Rate

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The Addiction

In today’s podcast I want to talk about the systems in place by society to help aid the recovery of addicts. I personally have dealt with this in my life and with the work I do I’ve been blessed to do have also spoken with thousands of people going through the same thing.

Quick note last year 2021, 106,000 people died from an overdose relating to heroin, opioids and fentanyl.

Every year people struggle with a habit that torments them from inside out as they willingly use or abuse any substance again and again and again. From the top down there have been many examples of how this system we have in place today hurt and discriminate against those who it aims to help.

Addiction Treatment Failure


The Info

There many people who experience such discrimination among them non violent drug offenders who by court order must seek addiction recovery services. It’s often within those programs much of the issues arise for these individuals, it’s difficult enough to stick to the plan and remain sober but to add to it the restrictive nature of the programs and how a person engages with it put a strain on the possibility of success.

After all everybody gets high, on something. When reviewing possible triggers it was evident that these added pressures in the system itself can lead someone back to the substance they are attempting to rid themselves of because stress in itself is a trigger.

Addiction Rehab 3 Things To Know

I do admit there several aspects in these programs that make sense, there should be serious effort on the part of an individual. However there things we can do better and things we shouldn’t be doing at all.

For example we could stop putting people on drugs such as methadone to ease the burden of withdrawal, on the other hand we could council these individuals better and try to improve their state of mind.

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Are drug rehabs effective in treating addiction?

Drug rehabs can be effective in treating addiction, but their success largely depends on the individual’s commitment to the treatment and the quality of the program.

How long does drug rehab typically last?

The duration of drug rehab programs can vary depending on the facility and the individual’s needs. However, some programs can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, while others may extend to six months or longer.

Can family involvement make a difference in recovery?

Yes, family involvement can make a significant difference in the recovery process. Having a strong support system can enhance motivation and provide a sense of accountability.

The News

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The Goal

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