Los Angeles Council Bans Flavored Tobacco

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Daily Dose LA Flavor Ban And Cannabis News Now


Welcome back everyone to another episode of The Daily today we are covering the recent flavor ban relating to tobacco and nicotine products. The vote was in on Wednesday this week 12-0 in favor of the ban. Los Angeles Council members feel this would further protect young people from picking up products like vapes.

Sadly the truth is that young teens and older teens alike are likely to also enjoy the buzz of nicotine so I feel it goes deeper than just the flavors though they are the “hook” in a sense I do understand this part.

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I saw some stats on the use of these products for last year 2021 and it was something insane, 70% of highschool students admitted to using a product like a vape within the last 30 days, thats very high but I would like to know a bit more.

Such as which major cities were in the test group, did every school in these cities participate. I ask a question of this type to understand where the 70% comes from.

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In any case I don’t believe the problem will go away that easily but I have watched and observed, every major city across the state of California has a similar ban in place, LA was the last stop I suppose. Inevitable is the word I’d think of when considering all this we’ll have to wait and see if it’s in fact effective or not.

However let me bring this up, if you grew up as a young teen in the 90’s or later think about why we smoked, they didn’t taste great, far from it and yet we had our reasons to do so same would be said with today some may stop using flavored tobacco products but ultimately in my opinion not enough to have justified a ban like this.

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Next in today’s Daily Dose we have a part of todays episode covering a story behind the generous donations from marijuana company’s who have participated in programs to give free medical marijuana to those in need. As the price of weed for most recreational users may seem reasonable for those who use it for medicine it can be quite costly, for some as high as $1000 a month.

This program if qualified can delivery you medical marijuana monthly for free, yes completely free. As of now it seems the focus is on veterans in need but according to the article regular citizens have had access to it too.

both stories are here for you to checkout

LA Council Bans Flavored Tobacco June 1st, 2022


What is the recent flavor ban in relation to tobacco and nicotine products?

The recent flavor ban refers to the decision made by Los Angeles Council members to ban flavored tobacco and nicotine products. The vote was in favor of the ban, with the intention of protecting young people, particularly teens, from accessing and using these products.

What was the reasoning behind the ban beyond flavors?

While flavors play a significant role in attracting young people to tobacco and nicotine products, there are deeper concerns regarding nicotine addiction among teens. The ban aims to address the larger issue of young teens and older teens being drawn to the buzz of nicotine.

Are there any statistics on the use of these products among high school students?

According to the speaker in the episode, statistics from 2021 showed that 70% of high school students admitted to using a product like a vape within the last 30 days. However, further details about the specific cities included in the test group or the extent of participation by schools were not provided.

Will the ban effectively solve the problem?

The speaker expresses skepticism about the ban completely resolving the issue. While major cities across California have implemented similar bans, it remains to be seen whether they will be effective in curbing the use of flavored tobacco and nicotine products.

What is the marijuana news covered in the episode?

The episode covers the generous donations made by cannabis companies to provide free medical marijuana to those in need. This program aims to assist individuals who rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes, as the cost of weed for medical use can be high, reaching up to $1000 a month. The focus of the program, at least initially, appears to be on veterans in need, but regular citizens may also have access to it according to the mentioned article.

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