Ayahuasca And The Spirit World

Ayahuasca & The Spirit World Explored

Ayahuasca The Spirit World Revealed

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\This clip was from the conversations I had with Michael Thornhill Co-Founder of Casa Galactica an Ayahuasca retreat center for trauma and healing. In this discussion he explains the meaning he has come to know and understand about the plant based medicine Ayahuasca, the many other plant medicines and ofcourse what he means when he talks about inter-dimensional beings.

Ayahuasca Spirituality Explored

You may have heard about Ayahuasca and the psychedelic journey’s people have been through, the ancient brew has been a guide for humanity a long time. The experience comes with a lot of work, preparation and commitment so these conversations with trained guides such as Michael help paint a picture of not just what it’s like but how it brings about life changing events. The event as Michael put “it’s catalytic” very explosive and has the potential to shape your future in a positive way.

Ayahuasca Spirituality Explained


It’s always been a question in my mind as to what people were talking about when they spoke of other beings near them while on Ayahuasca, I’ve also heard many mention the same tale on DMT. Hopefully in this episode we can gain some insight into what that means exactly.

Thanks for reading, listening and watching.

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Who is Michael Thornhill, and what is Casa Galactica?

Michael Thornhill is the Co-Founder of Casa Galactica, an Ayahuasca retreat center focused on trauma and healing. Casa Galactica provides a space for individuals to experience Ayahuasca, a plant-based medicine, under the guidance of trained facilitators.

What is this substance, and what is its significance?

It is an ancient brew made from plant-based ingredients, typically including Banisteriopsis caapi vine and leaves from the Psychotria viridis plant. It has been used as a guide for spiritual and healing experiences for many years. It is known for its potential to bring about life-changing events and catalytic transformation.

What does Michael Thornhill mean when he refers to inter-dimensional beings?

When discussing these experiences, Michael Thornhill mentions the presence of inter-dimensional beings. These beings are often described as entities or energies encountered during the journeys. They can take various forms and are perceived by individuals as entities from different dimensions or realms of existence.

What can these experiences bring about?

These experiences have the potential to bring about profound and positive changes in a person’s life. They are often described as catalytic and explosive, shaping an individual’s future in a positive way. Also can provide insights, healing, and transformative experiences that contribute to personal growth and spiritual development.

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